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  The Confined Space Training delivered by us is under the control of an RTO (Recognised Training Organisation).

The full list of Confined Space competencies issued as an RTO are:
  • Follow emergency response procedures MSAPMOHS110A
  • Work Safely MSAPMOHS200A
  • Undertake first response to non-fire incidents MSAPMOHS210B
  • Undertake first response to fire incidents MSAPMOHS212A
  • Operate Breathing Apparatus MSAPMOHS216A
  • Gas Test Atmospheres MSAPMOHS217A
  • Provide initial First Aid Response MSAPMOHS220A
  • Work in accordance with an issued permit MSAPMPER200B
  • Monitor and Control Work Permits MSAPMPER201A
  • Observe Work Permit MSAPMPER202A
  • Issue Work Permits MSAPMPER300B
  • Enter Confined Space MSAPMPER205B
  • Co ordinate Permit Process MSAPMPER400A
  • Conduct Local Risk Control RIIRIS201A
Training for all levels of confined space personnel also meets all the competencies as laid out in the federal document released by National Occupational Health and Safety Commission January 1996; (Core Training Elements for the National Standard for Safe Working in a Confined Space)

This training also takes into account all other competencies as laid out in Safe Work Australia Confined Spaces Code of Practice and Standards Australia AS2865 2009 and all related documents.


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